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Welcome to Our Blog: Embrace Sustainability with Our Eco-Friendly Store!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

On 27th April 2023, we opened our business to the public for the very first time as 'Sattvam' a store that is online. We at Sattvam, 'Welcome' each one of you to shop not only products but a lifestyle. An eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle, that is good for you and good for our environment.

I wanted to open a store that is Purpose-driven. Not just any store that is hoarded with stuff without being conscious of it's purpose. My purpose behind Sattvam is to help you find products that is good for you & good for our planet. I have curated for you eco-friendly home decor products, kitchen accessories & other essentials for wellness & pets. Being an artist & a woman myself, I wanted to help other women artists or creators with their dreams, and that's where Sattvam came into existence.

Sattvam has products that are created by passionate people all around the globe. They are made by makers whose values match with that of ours. We stand by 'Our Values', we have Uniqueness, Responsibility, Sustainability, Diversity and we love Nurturing. We are also eco-friendly, woman owned, sustainable store in Massachusetts, USA.

(Read more about Our Values here )

Embrace Sustainability with Our Eco-Friendly Store.

Empowering You with Knowledge

Through our blog posts, I want to make it easier for our readers to introduce you to live a lifestyle that is easy, clean, plastic free & healthy. A lifestyle that you can sustain for a long time without making bigger changes, that can mostly deter you to take that first step towards healthy living. Taking the first step towards green living one step at a time will help you towards achieving bigger goals in the future. And we at Sattvam are committed to help you in your journey towards eco-friendly lifestyle.

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What's next on the Blog of an Eco-friendly Store!

We all know how our lives have changed over the past few decades. We can help our planet by making small changes in our day-to-day lives. Keep reading our blogs to find out how you can make an impact in the betterment for our environment. But the question is, are you ready to take that first step towards a better living & a better future?

Let me know, leave a comment.

Signing off on a funny note:

Why did the tree switch to eco-friendly living?

Because it wanted to branch out into sustainable practices!


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