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The Missing Element in Your Kitchen? It's the Olive Wood Spice Jar!

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

Picture this: you're in the middle of preparing a delicious meal, and you reach for your spices. You forget where you kept them last time. With these elegant Olive wood spice jars you can never forget your spices again, because they will be on your countertop right before your eyes!

Buy Olive Wood Spice Jar

The missing element in your kitchen? It's the Olive Wood Spice Jar, and it's here to transform your cooking game.

* At Sattvam, we understand the power of simplicity, quality, and aesthetics. That's why we've introduced the Olive Wood Spice Jar, and it's quickly becoming the must-have kitchen accessory for both professional chefs and home cooks alike.

  • The Magic of Olive Wood: Just like our beloved Honey Jar with Dipper, our Olive Wood Spice Jar is crafted from natural wood and delicately coated with a thin layer of olive oil. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about keeping the wood healthy and ensuring longevity. Olive Wood, known for its density and durability, is the perfect choice for everyday use. It's also nonporous, which means you won't have to worry about any lingering odors affecting your precious spices. Our Olive Wood Spice Jar is designed to preserve the flavor and quality of your favorite seasonings.

Olive Wood Spice Jar Set

  • Details That Matter:

  1. Dimensions: With a 4.7" diameter, it's the ideal size to fit seamlessly into your kitchen.

  2. Weight: At 8.7 oz (246.9g), it's substantial enough to feel solid and reliable in your hand. But it's not just about the details; it's about the experience. The Olive Wood Spice Jar enhances your cooking ritual, making it a pleasure to reach for your favorite spices every time.

  • Buy Olive Wood Spice Jar Online: In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key. You can buy the Olive Wood Spice Jar online from the comfort of your home. No need to scour brick-and-mortar stores; we bring this elegant piece right to your doorstep. It's just a few clicks away from transforming your kitchen.

  • Why Choose Sattvam's Olive Wood Spice Jar:

  1. Elegance Meets Functionality: Elevate your kitchen decor while ensuring your spices stay fresh.

  2. Sustainability at Heart: Crafted from eco-friendly and durable Olive Wood.

  3. Easy to Maintain: Hand-wash with warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Occasionally apply a thin layer of food-safe oil to maintain the wood's luster.

  • Join the Sattvam Community: We believe in staying connected with our customers. If you have questions or special inquiries, feel free to contact us using the information below:

  1. Email:

  2. Call us for Inquiries: 508-690-5171

Olive Wood Spice Jar Set

Key Takeaways!

As a token of our appreciation for choosing quality and elegance, we're offering a 15% discount for first-time users. Join us in embracing the Olive Wood Spice Jar and enhance your culinary journey. Discover the magic of simplicity and excellence at Sattvam - your trusted source for premium kitchen essentials.


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