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Natural Laundry Liquid

Natural Laundry Liquid

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Our Natural Laundry Liquid is the perfect choice for those who want to keep their clothes clean while being environmentally conscious.

Made with pure essential oils and natural ingredients, it is free from harmful chemicals like SLS and parabens.

This laundry liquid not only cleans your clothes effectively but also leaves them smelling fresh and natural.

It is gentle on your skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Switch to our Natural Laundry Liquid today and experience the difference.


    Select from two of the scents available:

    1. Eucalyptus Dives & Geranium
    2. Bergamot & Grosso Lavender

    Natural Laundry Liquid is:

    • SLS, SLES and Paraben free, helping to add your overall wellbeing
    • Scented with pure essential oils
    • Mild Formula, gentle on the skin
    • Antioxidant, Antibacterial & astringent properties
    • Premium grade ingredients soured & grown in the UK
    • 100% Vegan
    • 100% Recycled Packaging


    • Weight: 1 L (0.26 gallons)
    • Made in the UK

    • Pour directly into dispensing drawer of the washing machine. 
    • Always follow the label & machine instruction.
    • Suitable for whites & colorfast fabrics.
    • Also suitable for wool, silk & cashmere.
    • More instructions on the back of the bottle.

    Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for more details.

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